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After vacationing in Asheville for many years, both Tracy Veteto and his wife felt the mountains calling to them and decided to leave Chapel Hill to settle permanently in Asheville. This was not a career move, but a choice based on the belief that Asheville would provide the ideal environment for them to raise their three children and that the rest of life’s details would follow. Over the fifteen years since then, they and their kids have enthusiastically embraced the outdoor activities, rich arts community, outstanding schools and diversity provided by this beautiful corner of North Carolina.

Relationships are at the core of both Tracy’s business and personal philosophies, so it’s not surprising that he and many of his clients develop friendships that last for years after their sale or acquisition. It is this network of friends introducing him to their friends that is the foundation of Tracy’s business. Limiting the number of clients he serves at any one time, he is able to offer a high degree of service to his clientele, personally attending to their needs without compromise. Tracy’s goal is not to be all things to all people, but to be the ultimate resource for discerning clients in search of Asheville’s finest properties.

Tracy says “because Asheville is an iconic small town filled with big city amenities, incredible vitality and wonderful people, sharing it with newcomers is a dream job for me.” Believing that Asheville has been wonderful for his family, he endeavors to both enjoy and give back to this incredible town and never go a day without taking time to stop and enjoy the view.
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Tracy Veteto

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