Marco Island

Marco Island

Located off the southwest coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico is the popular vacation destination of Marco Island. Covering just over 17 square miles, Marco Island is the largest of Southwest Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands regions. With a year around population of just over 16,000, the island typically swells to double that size over the winter months as northern snow birds head south during the worst of the cold weather. Whether you are looking for a vacation retreat or planning a permanent relocation, Marco Island homes include some of the most luxurious estates in all of Florida.

Marco Island luxury homes provide homeowners with the best of all worlds. Located just 20 minutes from downtown Naples, Marco Island provides proximity to all the conveniences of a larger city while retaining the exclusivity of island living. Although Marco Island is just six miles by four miles in size it offers a surprising amount of geological diversity. Residents can enjoy highly forested land, swamp land rich in wildlife, and miles of white sand beaches nestled along the azure waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

If you are a water lover, choose between spending the day fishing in the Gulf, swimming with dolphins, or boating down to Key West to watch the sunset. Marco Island residents can stay on the island for a night out of fine dining or a night at the comedy club. It’s also easy to make the short trip to Naples for other entertainment and dining options. If a day of shopping is in order, the Esplanade Shoppes offer over 50,000 square feet of retail therapy right along the Gulf Coast.

Not surprisingly, Marco Island luxury homes are priced at the higher end of the spectrum. With a limited amount of space and a high demand, a buyer can expect to pay a premium for Marco Island homes on the interior of the island. For larger homes, or ones that are nestled along one of the many inland waterways, home buyers should expect to pay over $1 million. For Marco Island luxury homes situated along the perimeter of the island with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico, which tend to display higher quality craftsmanship, a homebuyer will find that these are multimillion dollar estates. Marco Island homes also includes some of the most exclusive estates that offer over 5,000 square feet of living space, private beach access, and customized features throughout if a buyer is willing to spend approximately $10 million. If you are looking for an island paradise right here in the United States, Marco Island may be your destination.

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